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Care and Usage Instructions

Titanium and ceramic knives are usually last a life time if taken care of well.


  • Always store the knife in a knife block, sheath, tray or original packaging.
  • Take care when retrieving the knife from it’s storage to avoid damage to the tip or cutting edge.


  • Ideal for straight cuts of fruits, vegetables & boneless meat.
  • Always use a plastic or wooden chopping boards. Avoid cutting on granite, stone or any other hard surface as this may dull the blade or can cause chipping of the cutting
  • edge.
  • Avoid use of ceramic knives for carving, boning or cutting of frozen foods. These activities need the blades to be made of materials more flexible than ceramic.
  • For safety reasons the knife tip and heal are blunted.
  • Keep out of reach of children


  • Hand wash the blade with water and liquid dish soap.
  • Also the blades are dishwasher safe, just take precautions enough to make sure that blade is not in contact with any other metallic object.


  • Dropping the knife on hard surfaces, this can damage the blade or cause the bade to break.
  • Exposing the blade to open flame.
  • Smashing garlic or other items using other side of the blade.


All knives dull over time but Forever ceramic and Titanium knives don’t wear out for a long time, as the materials used are harder compared to steel. Sharpening knives regularly will help maintain the knife to its optimum cutting performance and reduce micro chips which may be caused due to regular usage.

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